Build unique places of gathering

and their will be a great harvest.

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3330 Preston Ridge Road

Suite 380

Alpharetta, GA 30005


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We are not testing at this location

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about us

LifeHope is the crossroads between Christian Ministry and state of the art medical care.

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Learn about our medical practices and worldclass. physicians

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We're jumping in to help with Drive Thru Testing in Georgia.


Our state of the art super lab is fully equipped and ready to perform.

Scott Honan - LifeHope
LifeHope Cares

It is our sincere goal and prayer to help each person the best way we know how.

Our staff diligently prays for each person we meet as we try and demonstrate true Christian love for everyone including all people regardless of their faith.

We will be a true source of help whenever you need us.

Our medical office buildings are designed  to serve and our kept in prestine condition by our own cleaning staff.

We have taken every precaution to create safe places to gather and get the help you need from highly trained and skilled professionals.

Welcome to LifeHope where everyday is another miracle.