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Medical Specialties and Practices

If you are medical doctor seeking to grow your practice, we would love to meet you and share our vision and the unique benefits of becoming a LifeHope Physician Partner.

We will help you expand your practice in one or more of our many locations and provide everything you need to offer excellent healthcare to your patients.

Read below to learn about some of our most recent Physician Partners.



3333 Old Milton Parkway, Suite 100

Alpharetta, GA 30005

Med Spa – Aesthetics
Kevin T. Lie, MD

LifeHope Healing Med Spa strives to provide patients in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA with the highest quality skincare products and cosmetic skin care treatments. Our team of expertly trained licensed estheticians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants uses the most up-to-date cosmetic technology to help patients treat the visible signs of aging and other skin imperfections. By offering a full menu of medically-focused skin care services for all skin types within a soothing, spa like environment,  LifeHope Healing Med Spa stands apart from other medical spas in Atlanta and beyond.


Interventional Radiology

Kevin T. Lie, MD


(opening soon)


At the Interventional Radiology Clinic, our board-certified specialists use advanced imaging technologies to guide wires, catheters and instruments through small pictures in the skin to perform minimally invasive surgeries. Used to treat a wide range of conditions that previously required open surgery, interventional radiology has been proven to provide the same, or better results but with fewer risks, less pain, no hospitals stays and faster recoveries.

  • MRI

  • CT



  • X-RAY




Diagnostic Imaging
Kevin T. Lie, MD

(opening soon)

Diagnostic imaging refers to the technologies and processes used to create images of the human body and the activities inside the body. Using these images, radiologists or other physicians can often diagnosis the cause of symptoms, determine the cause of an injury or illness, monitor how well the body is responding to treatment and screen for different illnesses, such as cancer or heart disease. We provide a full range of services from regular screenings and diagnostic imaging to therapeutic injections, pain care and more.




Sydney Crenshaw

11680 Great Oaks Way, Suite 330

Alpharetta, GA 30022

Physical Therapy

Developed through years of research, testing, and experience, our services are designed to help individuals, teams, and organizations reach higher levels of performance.
By analyzing the habits of highly successful individuals, we’re able to create  a baseline and reveal opportunities for targeted solutions. Organizations can use this information to recruit, compare peer-to-peer performance, and guide injury management programming.


genuis care logo trans.png

Dr. Alan Einstein

3333 Old Milton Parkway, 

Suite 170,  
Alpharetta, GA 30005

Internal Medicine

Einstein Genius Care is a internal medicine practice dedicated to highly individualized care by a devoted and passionate team wanting to provide the excellent care to each patient. Dr. Alan Einstein heads a concierge membership, patient driven practice to help individuals have the best quality of life, implementing latest medical practices offered. He has numerous areas of medical expertise including cardiovascular diseases, 
diabetes, thyroid and hormone metabolism disorders. People suffer from a variety of illnesses and diseases and they need a physician who listens to their concerns, evaluates their symptoms, creates a thorough differential diagnosis and ultimately initiates a health restoration plan. Yes, he is a direct descendant of Albert Einstein, and he offeres something not covered by insurance and money can’t buy…laughter!!  He will lift your mood.



Atlanta Medical Institute (AMI)


5009 Roswell Rd, Suite 120, 
Atlanta, GA 30342

Weight Loss – Anti Aging Medicine.


Atlanta Medicine Institute and Dr. Jeff Semel is a board-certified member of the American Chiropractic 
Association for the past 16 years. He is a well-known national speaker in the field of anti-aging medicine. As one of Atlanta’s leading physicians and pioneer of wellness, is realizing his holistic vision for health by offering advanced anti-aging medicine at Atlanta Medical Institute. Dr. Jeff Semel has worked extensively within the community to raise awareness of prevention and natural alternatives to wellness designed to retard the aging process. The weight-loss program used at The Atlanta Medical Institute is one of the most successful programs in Atlanta, under the care of a doctor, supplemented by a health nutrition plan.




5009 Roswell Rd., 
Sandy Springs, GA 30342


LifeHope Labs mission is to enable its customers by providing innovative technologies and best of laboratory practices - with industry leading regulatory compliance.


Whether you're ensuring the compliance of a pain management patient or that of a drug offender, a comprehensive drug-testing program is the single most important facet you can implement to protect yourself and those you serve. With our solutions, implementation of advanced on-site testing is 
possible without a large investment of space or resources. We work directly with you to customize a testing program that's just right for you and your needs.

LifeHope Labs also offers genetic testing which provides the physician with patient-specific information in order to tailor prescriptions based on patient drug compatibility and dosage. This allows the physician to minimize adverse reactions, identify genetic variations responsible for abnormal drug metabolism and provide a more effective drug regimen.

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