Executive Team
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Scott Honan

Scott Honan is the Co-Founder and CEO of LifeHope and Richmond Honan Development and Acquisitions a 45 year real estate healthcare development company with a focus on healthcare and medical office buildings. Mr. Honan also founded Lifehope a medical ministry in 2006. Mr. Honan’s passion for God’s children in his community and strong faith, has led him to expand Lifehope into health ventures with physicians with innovative procedures to redefine a healthcare platform that focuses on restoration, transforming lives physically, emotionally and spiritually. The Lifehope ministry and health platform is built on 1 Corinthians 13:13 faith, hope and love, the greatest of these is love.


Lea Richmond

Lea Richmond III is the co-founder of Richmond Honan Development and Acquisitions a 45 year real estate healthcare development company. During his career, Mr. Richmond has recruited more than 2,000 physician tenants for successful physician, hospital, and company owned facilities throughout the Southeast. The success of Mr. Richmond companies has resulted in the development of more than 3 million square feet of healthcare  oriented real estate under the direction of Mr. Richmond. Mr. Richmond’s love for the Lord, and people in his community lead him to build Christian Chapel’s in all of his buildings and begin The Medical Chapels Foundation. Mr. Richmond is deeply involved with Lifehope, a medical ministry, which ventures with physicians and their practices in a unique healthcare  platform focusing on physical and spiritual restoration. Additionally, Mr. Richmond lends his time and support to the Lifehope Medical Missions who provide, wells, food, orphanages in Ghana and Tanzania.


Brian McCoy

Brian McCoy is an accomplished executive and entrepreneur with a track record of creating and building out companies across the healthcare, talent acquisition, HR, and payroll industries. His strengths lie in a keen sense of organization, consideration of everyone’s ideas, and an unfailing commitment to execute on a strategic plan. Brian’s commitment and loyalty to customers comes from a comprehensive set of values. He is 
driven by the need to do right by each customer.  Primary skills include critical thinking, attentive listening, organization, and commitment to helping businesses and partners succeed.  

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M. Scott Williams

Mr. Williams serves in leadership focused on development and investment activities for LifeHope and Richmond Honan’s platform.  He is a resourceful finance and real estate executive having spent the past 16 years spearheading the creation and extensive growth of multi-national lending and asset management platforms. He joined LifeHope after completing his MBA in real estate and finance while seeking an opportunity to serve with a deeper mission and purpose. He is passionate about making disciples of all nations and additionally serves as an advisor for YoungLife in the local community.


Bret Perisho

Bret Perisho 30 years of experience in healthcare, Big 4 public accounting, consulting, management, academic medicine, and insurance with a focus on financial analysis/planning, 
debt/bank financing, capital budgeting, strategic investments, real estate and physician/hospital integration.

Specialties: Healthcare mergers and acquisitions, public and bank debt financing, healthcare industry, real estate transactions, corporate finance/accounting/analysis, medical joint ventures/affiliations.