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Circles of Excellence

The circles of excellence represent the different ways people can engage with LifeHope.

You can become a LifeHope Coach or a LifeHope Physician Partner and then move up the chain as quickly or as slowly as you wish. You can even become a LifeHope Prayer partner...

LifeHope provides strong compensation plans and unique benefits no matter what circle your join.

The best way to start is to jump in the first circle that seems appropriate for you and listen to our live presentation.  You will quickly see how you can truly help other people and maximize your personal income at the same time.

Great things happen when you're in the LifeHope Circle serving others with faith, hope and love.

Physician Partner


This circle is for medical doctors and/or licensed medical professionals who want to grow or expand their medical practice.

LifeHope Coach


This circle is for professional people who care deeply about the health and wellness of others.  This circle is open to everyone to join.

Young Female Student
Confident Businesswoman

LifeHope Trainer


This circle is for people who like to train and motivate others to achieve greater levels of success.  This circle is open anyone with the gift of teaching and mentorship.

School Teacher

Local Manager


This circle is for professional people with the gift of managing LifeHope Coaches and LifeHope Trainers to achieve specific local goals within each city.

Smiling Businesswoman
Professional Female

Regional Manager


This circle is for professional people with the gift of leadership, management and servitude. Regional managers are responsible for all Local Managers within their city or region.

Businessman in Pink Shirt

National Manager


This circle is for senior leaders committed to developing the LifeHope Circles of Excellence program throughout the United States.

Smiling Businessman
Portrait of Businessman
Man in Gray Suit

LifeHope Ambassador


This circle is for senior leaders with a proven track record of previous success.  These men and women are true servant leaders giving of themselves to help the least, the last and the lost.  The people in this circle represent LifeHope in the best light possible on the global stage.

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